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W.A. Evergreen Poplars

WA Evergreen Poplars are stately-looking trees suited to: Estate Properties, for Beautifying Equestrian Properties, for that Grand Avenue Look, great for Windbreaks, or for Property Screening. At Mountain View Rise, we grow a cone-shaped, specialty variety - the leaves stay on longer!


Our evergreen poplars are a hardy variety that hold their leaves well into winter and grow 1-3 metres per year.

  • Great for horse properties
  • Can add value to your property, as well as beauty
  • Gives properties an “estate look”
  • Can be used as fodder
  • Not toxic to livestock, including horses
  • Grows well in a range of conditions
  • Once established, hardy drought tolerated
  • Once established, frost resistant
  • Helpful in resisting soil erosion
  • Beautiful yellow in Autumn
  • New foliage is copper-bronze
  • Generally, no pruning required
Two metres' growth

WA EvergreenPopulus Candadensis

This is a stunning semi-evergreen poplar tree that holds its leaves into early winter when foliage is soon replaced by beautiful copper-bonze spring growth, which changes to a lovely dark green.

  • Height: 8-12 metres
  • Growth rate: 1-3 metres per year
  • Spread: 5 metres
  • Foliage: Green leaf – new foliage is copper-bronze – winter foliage is yellowish
  • Conditions: Tolerates wide range of soil condition, but will grow taller in more fertile soil conditions. Grows best in sandy/loam soils. Dislike heavy clay (most trees don’t), but if the soil is loosened and plenty of organic matter added it will help them get established. Once established, they are frost tolerant, and cope well with air pollution and can be used in coastal conditions.
  • Pruning: Generally not required
Growing begins